Kat Murdock

Self-Improvement & Self-Love One Day Workbook for Women

Kat Murdock is a Western Australian-based Author of self-help books and Women's Life Coaching Courses based on her journey and her experiences throughout her life in rural Australia. As a wife and mother of three children and a businesswoman, she is committed to helping women with self-improvement and a successful mindset.

Kat Murdock
The 2nd book of the Relationships 5.0 series

Self-Improvement and Self-Love 52-Week Guided Journal

Kat Murdock has 5 books on Self-Improvement and 2 Life Coaching Courses for Women based on Self-Improvement and Success Mindset. She is a women's personal transformation coach and specialises in Self-Help.

Kat Murdock
Daily Devotional Prayer Journal Book for Women

Strong Women of God Prayers and Reflections for Daily Faith

Kat Murdock has added a Women's Prayer Journal to her package in the Women's Self-Improvement Life Coaching Courses. Supporting her first two books, the Self-Improvement and Self-Love One Day Workbook for Women and Self-Improvement and Self-Love 52-week Guided Journal for Women. Kat is a women's personal transformation coach with 2 women's life coaching courses.