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Kat Murdock's journey, enriched by her roles as a daughter, mother of three, farmer's wife, and dedicated boss, serves as the foundation for her transformative insights. Through her acclaimed self-improvement trilogy, including the "Self-Improvement and Self-Love One Day Workbook" for a rapid life audit, the "Self-Improvement and Self-Love 52-Week Guided Journal" for comprehensive life balance, and "Strong Women of God: Prayers and Reflections" for daily spiritual fortitude, Kat offers a holistic road map for women seeking empowerment.

Rooted in the principles of self-help, inspiration, and leadership, Kat's life coaching program, "Kat's Women's Self-Improvement Life Coaching," is the culmination of her expertise. Through personalised guidance, she promotes self-care and resilience; Kat empowers women to reach new heights in their personal and professional lives. With her unwavering support, women embark on a journey of self-discovery and success, unlocking their full potential as strong, fulfilled individuals.

Kat Murdock
Kat Murdock
Kat Murdock


Embarking on a journey of profound transformation, Kat dedicated herself to writing, attentive listening, physical activity, and the pursuit of enlightenment by learning from the greatest women leaders in the world. After years of perseverance, she emerged from the shadows of despair, now leading a fulfilling life with a purpose: guiding women to discover their own successful road map in life.

Kat has channelled her experiences into three self-improvement books and life coaching courses, distilling the abundance of skills and knowledge into a powerful tool for women's personal growth and empowerment to success.

Driven by integrity, resilience, and empathy, Kat recognises the urgent need for accessible support amidst moments of despair and the professional help that often follows. She refuses to remain passive as women grapple with the increase in women medicating, escalating suicide rates and the persistent scourge of domestic abuse.

Kat's workbook stands as a beacon of hope, offering women the clarity to discern between "Self-Help" and "Professional Mental Health" and inspiring women to navigate the shadows with faith and resilience.


Kat Murdock's journey is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences: daughter, mother of three, farmer's wife, full-time boss, business owner, sports player, life coach, horse trainer, company director, and practitioner of hypnotherapy and Bowen therapy. Residing in the outback of Australia, she's no stranger to the challenges of life, having worked in mining, renovated homes, and managed sheep and cattle farms amidst the unpredictable whims of Mother Nature.

From her varied roles and experiences, Kat draws essential insights to aid women in conquering the myriad challenges they face. Whether it's navigating the complexities of relationships or managing the demands of career and family, Kat understands that the path to healing is as unique as each individual. She encourages readers to adapt her guidance to their own journeys, empowering them to create their own toolkit for success.

Kat's book serves as a beacon of hope for women worldwide, offering a road map for navigating the intricate terrain of life and womanhood. With words of reassurance, she reminds readers that they are not alone in their struggles. Instead, she offers to walk alongside them, providing guidance as they forge their own path to fulfilment and empowerment.